The SC saga

The SC saga – try not to be so blind

Kuala Lumpur: While most Malaysian bloggers have been criticising Securities Commission chairman Tan Sri Zarinah Anwar, BigCat however chose to differ and urged his counterparts to review their assessment of her and the situation shrouding the controversy over the commission.


BigCat pointed out that there seems to be a concerted effort between Singapore Straits Times correspondent Leslie Lopez and Malaysian Insider’s Jahabar Sadiq to undermine Zarinah.


The blogger further questioned the capability of journalists serving Singapore publications whom he said were only “brave” to criticise Malaysian agencies and authorities.


“To those who thinks that Singaporean journalists are better than their Malaysian counterparts, well, think again. Will Leslie be so brave as to thrash talk the republic’s regulatory bodies or claimed that he knows Hsien Loong is planning to do this and that?


“Will the ST editors let him do that? I do not think so.


“Unfortunately, some of my senior pro-BN bloggers were so adamant in wanting Zarinah out that they seems to be blinded to the maneuvering of these pro-Pakatan gang.


“A few even claimed credit to the yet confirmed departure of Zarinah from SC.


“The pro-BN bloggers seems to also fail to see the whole thing as an attack against the country’s capital market with the general election just around the corner.


“They know that Zarinah and SC are easy targets for those who want to undermine the BN government as these anti-BN elements know that no one from the other side will defend her and the organization she led.”



Source: MOLE

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