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Guan Eng's sister to contest state seat?

Guan Eng’s sister to contest state seat?

We hope the Lim Family has not forgotten about the family of Karpal Singh – a son, Jagdeep Singh Deo, is a Penang ADUN too! Please do not grab everything! 


Hui Ying is the youngest in the Lim family and is described as the apple in the father’s eyes. 


What she wants, she gets. She was elected into the Penang DAP liaison committee in 2010 which saw veteran Phee Boon Poh, a state exco member, unceremoniously kicked out. 


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Penang DAP HQ attacked, third time in 13 months

The newly-minted Penang DAP headquarters – Wisma DAP – and three other party service centres were today found smeared with red paint following a spate of pre-dawn attacks.

According to Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik, he was alerted about the attack on the three-storey DAP headquarters in Jalan Rangon at about 4am by a security volunteer.

NONE“We are under attack again! Wisma DAP Pg been splashed with five packs of red paints early this morning,” Ng, the state DAP Youth chief, announced on Twitter.

Ng, when contacted, told Malaysiakini through SMS that he would be lodging a police report at the Jalan Pattani Northeast District police station later this morning.

The building, which cost the party about RM3 million, was launched early this year.

Service centres hit, too

NONEIt is also learnt that the Air Putih service centre in Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s state seat was also splashed with red paint (right).

A party member was said to have discovered the incident at about 6am.

Dato’ Keramat DAP service centre in Jagdeep Singh Deo’s constituency was also hit with red paint. The service centre, where six plastic bags of red paint were found, is located opposite the Dato Keramat police station.

“We also found the Pulau Tikus centre – whose assemblyman is Koay Teng Hai – smeared with two packets of red paint. We have lodged police reports,” said Ng.It is uncertain at the moment, how many other DAP service centres were hit in what appeared to be coordinated attacks.

penang dap headquaters splash by red paint 140811 5This is the third attack against the party’s headquarters since last year. On Aug 14, 2011, the building – previously located on Jalan Talipon – was splashed with orange and red paint.

At the same time, Ng’s service centre in Lorong Seratus Tahun was also hit with both orange and red paint (left). A car parked outside the service centre that day was found smeared with paint.

According to eye-witnesses, a group of six on three motorcycles had come to Ng’s service centre at around 1.20am and hurled a number of small plastic bags with paint.

Arson attempt in second attack

Another attack, which occurred four days later, was more serious.

NONEIt involved suspected arson, where a stack of newspapers outside the building was set on fire at about 3am.

Ng, who is also political secretary to the Penang CM, told the media the fire was put out by neighbouring residents and the Fire Department in 20 minutes and this had stopped the flames from spreading to other parts of the building.

In both cases, police was alerted but they have yet to find the culprits.

In the case of the arson, then Penang police chief Ayub Yaacob had visited the DAP building and vowed a thorough investigation into the incident.

When met later at Jalan Rangoon, Jagdeep urged the police to bring the perpetrators to justice, saying he suspected no one at the moment.

The lawyer thanked the police for responding and for sending a forensic team to his centre as soon as they had received a call from his office.

“I hope the forensic results would reveal the fingerprints of the perpetrators so that the police can expediate their action,” Jagdeep told reporters when met at the DAP service centre.

“I do not suspect anyone but whoever who did this is uncivilised as this is totally against Malaysian culture. They are also cowards.”

Jagdeep said the fact that the culprit had done the act when his office is right in front of the Dato Keramat police station shows how “brazen and daring” they are to go against the law.

Jagdeep’s service centre is also a few metres away from the state BN operations centre along the same road.

At a press conference, state DAP chief and state executive councillor Chow Kon Yeow said police inaction over other violent cases against Pakatan leaders “encouraged” more of such incidences.

He added that the aggression seen in such acts have become an “unhealthy political culture” which must be stopped at once.

“The culprits do these to Pakatan representatives so that they can achieve their aims and get what they want,” said the Tanjung MP.

“We see it as a threat and urge the police to act immediately so as to not promote this form of violence in Penang,” he added.

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Guan Eng wins defamation suit against Utusan

The Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has been found to have defamed Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in a report headlined ‘Kebiadapan Guan Eng’, published on Dec 20 last year.

The Penang High Court today ordered the publisher to pay Lim RM200,000 in damages, and RM25,000 as costs.

NONELim had sued the Malay language daily for defamation, based on its report on his speech themed ‘A People’s Government for the Real Malaysians’.

This was delivered at the Pakatan Rakyat convention in Kepala Batas on Dec 19 last year.

Reading out his judgment in court, Judicial Commissioner GV Varughese outlined seven paragraphs in which Utusan had “maliciously’ defamed Lim, and made him and the DAP look as if they are anti-Malay and anti-Islam.

Varughese also gave a brief lesson in “responsible journalism”, saying that reporters must conduct themselves professionally by verifying their statements if they are not to face defamation charges.

At a press conference outside the courtroom, Lim said Utusan had truly intended to slander him and the DAP.

He said the newspaper had blamed him and the DAP-led state government for evicting villagers and demolishing their houses in Kampung Jalan Pokok Asam and Kampung Genting in Balik Pulau, when these disputes were between the developers and residents.

He also felt it was slanderous to report that he had ordered the demolition of Kampung Buah Pala and evicted the villagers.

“I feel that if Utusan is truly a responsible media, it must repent (bertaubat), but I am not confident that it will do so,” Lim told reporters.

“I feel they will bear the burden of defamation suits and continue to slander me and the DAP.”

Lim said if he was racist as Utusan had alleged, his colleagues in Pakatan Rakyat would have protested. However, they knew the accusations to be false, he noted.

He also said he would give the money from the court case to charitable causes, saying that the victory belonged “to the people who love democracy, and healthy and responsible journalism that is not based on lies, cheating and slander”.

He thanked his lawyer Jagdeep Singh Deo, but noted that Utusan had the right of appeal.

‘Selective vendetta’

Varughese said the writer of the article – Zulkiflee Bakar – had made “sweeping statements” implying that Lim was a racist.

However, Varughese said he had not found any basis in Lim’s speech to support the “rash and irresponsible” claim.

Zutusan malaysia and umnoulkiflee had also inferred that Lim had directed his Pakatan colleagues to stop fighting for the Malay cause, but Varughese held that this was meant to “excite” the readers to colour the chief minister in a negative light.

As for Lim attacking the Malays in his speech, Varughese said he was not shown any proof that this was so, and that the writer could not assume that there was a reaction to it from the Malay community.

“There is no evidence that the speech had offended the Malays,” he said.

“If the speech was racist, the first to react would have been the participants of the convention, who were mostly Malays.”

On Lim’s purported involvement in the demolition and eviction of Malay villages and businesses, Varughese said the article was not supported by any fact and whatever was written was based on “distorted” information.

In the article, Lim was accused of trying to stop the Prophet’s Birthday annual procession (Maulidur Rasul) but had finally allowed it.

To this, Varughese said there was no proof to indicate this, as the celebration had gone on.

“Half-truths are not truth at all… but deliberately done to mislead and disparage the plaintiff,” he said.

Varughese found Zulkiflee’s claim that he could not seek verification from Lim – since the DAP and state government have been boycotting Utusan – to be a “lame excuse and unacceptable”.

He pointed out that Zulkiflee had admitted that he had not attempted to verify his claims.

“The writer must at least make an attempt to get verfication from a relevant person in the state government… the basic requirement to verify is an integral part of responsible journalism,” he said.

Varughese concluded that the article was “wholly motivated by malice”, and that the writer had practised “selective vendetta” against Lim and the DAP.

In awarding the quantum, he added that Lim was not required to show actual damages as the libellous consequences of the statement were “durable and permanent”.

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Karpal wins RM2mil in damages over 2005 accident

DAP national chairperson Karpal Singh is one happy man, for he was awarded RM2.018 million in damages by a sessions court in Penang today over the 2005 accident that left him wheelchair-bound.

Judge Chan Jit Li awarded him general damages at RM380,000 and stated other damages as:

  • Hospitalisation fees – RM399,162.37
  • Chairlift – RM104,200
  • Medical supplies – RM12,998.06
  • Nursing care fee for three nurses – RM135,808
  • Future nursing care for up to 84 months – RM212,800
  • Wheelchair – RM40,170
  • Vehicle – RM276,141.52
  • Future medication – RM378,000
  • Travel – RM11,951.98
  • Future surgery – RM66,666.

Reading out her judgment, Chan said the decision was difficult to make as she did not want to “under- or over-compensate” Karpal, one of the country’s top legal eagles, in this case.

karpal singh hospitalized 180205 friends“The decision may not be satisfactory to both parties, but my conscience is very clear,” she added.

She said that Karpal’s quality of life had been severely compromised after his accident, yet he had continued to live an active lifestyle, with his mental faculties intact.

Karpal, who is Bukit Gelugor MP, met with the accident on Jan 29, 2005, when he was sitting in the rear left seat of a private limousine driven by Soid Abd Ghani from the Bayan Lepas International Airport.

Karpal suffered severe spinal cord injury

Another vehicle driven by one of the defendants, Lau Yee Fuat, was heading towards Karpal’s residence in Jalan Utama when the car collided into the limousine from behind.

NONEKarpal (in wheelchair) suffered severe spinal cord injury, fracture at the C3/C4 invertebral disc, inability to walk or stand and severe pain secondary to spasms, among other injuries.

The damages are to be paid by the defendants, Lau and the limousine company.

After the session, Chan gave Karpal a light hug, out of respect for the well-known lawyer.

Karpal said he was happy with the judgment, that it was fair and he accepted it.

“I’m happy that the judgment is good and fair,” he said.

Karpal was represented by his son Jagdeep Singh Deo, while Lau, who was not present in court today, was represented by Bala Mahesan.

Karpal’s wife Gurmit Kaur, who was also present, was overcome by emotion. She told reporters that she was “thankful to God as the accident could have been worse”.

“God has been good to Karpal. He has been struggling with the pain, but we are taking it one day at a time,” she said.

“Our family and friends and hospital staff have been very supportive of Karpal.

“He is using mind-over-matter in getting work done, and he has not slowed down,” Gurmit added.